Selection Wildlife Serengeti NP
Mara - Tanzania
Leopard Highly adaptable to a wide range of habitats, Leopards are found from sub-saharan Africa to northeast Asia, Russia, China, Malaysia and beyond in rain-forests, deserts, grasslands and on mountains - even cities. More Leopards
Varanus komodoensis
Komodo NP - Indonesia
Komodo Dragon At up to 3 m and 80 kg, these endemic monitor lizards are the largest lizards on earth.

In absence of males, females can reproduce asexually by parthenogenesis.
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Brown Snake Eagle
Serengeti NP - Tanzania
Loaded to the Beak Details Text
Sea Lion
Galapagos - Ecuador
Sleeping like a rock Details Text
PN Peneda-Gêres
Norte Region - Portugal
Banded Demoiselle The Galapagos Pelican is said to be an endemic sub-species of the more common brown pelican.

Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Tiger Shark Tiger Sharks can get more than 5 m long and weigh over 800 kg. With their serrated teeth, they are able to get through the shields of sea turtles. More Tiger Sharks
Playa Borrero
Santa Cruz - Galapagos, ECU
Great Blue Heron Details Text
Polar Bear
Wapusk NP - Manitoba, CAN
Acute Sensing Polar Bears can smell seals from more than 1 km away. They are considered marine animals since they spend the majority of their time out on the frozen sea hunting for seals. More Polar Bears
Yacare Cayman
Pantanal - Brazil
Reflections Details Text
Pregnant Lioness
Ngorongoro - Tanzania
Expecting Gestation period is about 108 days. Usually there are 2-3 cubs in a litter. More Lions
Nepenthes Mirabilis
Bako NP - Sarawak, MYS
Carnivorous Cup The cups emerge from the tip of leaves and often wrap around small branches.

They contain a viscoelastic fluid that is particularly effective with trapping winged insects.
Bako NP - Sarawak, MYS
Fish on the beach Mudskippers can live anaerobically for long periods of time. On land they breathe from water they hold in their gills and mouths.

Mudskippers feed on small crabs, worms and insects.
PN de Montesinho
Norte Region - Portugal
Griffon Vulture Griffon Vultures do not have a great sense of smell. Relying solely on their eyesight to spot carrion, they often fly in flocks to increase their chances for success. More Vultures

Bimini - Bahamas
Great Hammerhead Great Hammerheads can grow to over 6 m long and weigh more than 450 kg. The form of the head is thought to allow them to have better sensory perception. More Hammerheads
PN do Alvão
Centro Region - Portugal
Reaching Higher Details Text
Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil
Coati Details Text
Porto - Portugal
Yellow Eyes Details Text
Santa Cruz
Galapagos - Ecuador
Marine Iguana Endemic to the Galapagos, these Iguanas can hold their breath for up to 40 mins when diving for seaweed and algae. Special glands allow them to sneeze out excess seawater salt. More Marine Iguanas
Magnificient Frigate Bird
N Seymour - Galapagos, ECU
Magnificent Red The wingspan of up to 2.5 m is the largest of any bird relative to the body size. They can stay airborne for up to a week - even while asleep.
Hassayampa River Preserve
Arizona - USA
Tanjung Puting NP
Borneo - Indonesia
Hanging out