Basque Country
  • The Guggenheim

    Designed by Frank Gehry and finished in 1997, the Guggenheim has transformed the city of Bilbao by sparking an architectural revival and bringing in tourists

  • Game of Thrones

    San Juan de Gaztelugatxe on the coast of Biscay is also known as "Dragonstone, the fortress of Daenerys Targaryen"

  • Flysch

    Flysch consists of alternating layers of marine sediments. The name was introduced by Swiss geologist Bernhard Studer and means "to flow" in old Simmental dialect. Go to the coast of Biscay near Zumaia to see vertically rotated layers of Flysch sediments

  • Guernica

    On Monday April 26, 1937 Nazi Germany bombed Guernica ("Gernika" in Basque) on direct request from Franco. Monday was known to be market day. Picasso's painting of the same name is widely considered to be the most powerful anti-war painting in history