Iguazu NP

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Located on the border between Argentina & Brazil, 275 falls form the largest waterfall system in the world, stretched out over 2.7km where up to 5 olympic swimming pools of water plunge down 60-82m every second

  • Best side to visit

    Best to visit both sides. If you must choose, go for the Argentinian side that gets you closer

  • Best side to stay

    Best to stay in the park on the Brazilian side, where you can enjoy early mornings before incoming tourists arrive


  • UNESCO World Natural Heritage

    The Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland in the world. It is 10 times the size of the Everglades. Less than 5% is protected: Matogrossense NP, Dorochê Reserve, Acurizal Reserve and Penha Reserve

  • Flights

    Direct inland connections are rare. Most flights are linked via São Paulo or Rio

  • Jaguars

    Home to some 5'000 Jaguars, the best chance to see them might be to check with Onçafari who have been running a pioneering Jaguar habituation project

Rio de Janeiro

  • Safety

    Rio safety concerns limit the options for independent explorations. Consider hiring a guide and/or leaving your valuables in your hotel safe