Selection Mammals Orang Utan
Tanjung Puting NP - Borneo, IDN
Forest Man At just 1.5 m standing height, the span width of the arms reaches 2.2 m More Orang Utans
Sea Lion
Galapagos - Ecuador
Sleeping like a rock Details Text
Pregnant Lioness
Ngorongoro - Tanzania
Expecting Gestation period is about 108 days. More Lions
Tanjung Puting NP
Borneo - Indonesia
Agile Gibbon
Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil
Coati Details Text
Polar Bear
Wapusk NP - Manitoba, CAN
Acute Sensing Polar Bears can smell seals from more than 1 km away. They are considered marine animals since they spend the majority of their time out on the frozen sea hunting for seals. More Polar Bears
Serengeti NP
Mara - Tanzania
Lion Cub For the first 2-3 weeks, lion cubs are blind. Cubs in a pride are reared together and suckle from any female with milk. The cubs' spots fade as they get older. More Lions
Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil
Capybara Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world.
They are known to eat their own feces the next morning when it is rich in protein from the microbes feasting on the non-digested fibres.
Ngorongoro - Tanzania
Marching on Jan to Mar the wildebeest migration stops in the Ngorongoro conversation are. Calving occurs in that time during 2-3 weeks. Some wildebeest don't migrate and stay in the Crater all year long. More Wildebeest
Serengeti NP
Mara - Tanzania
Leopard Highly adaptable to a wide range of habitats, Leopards are found from sub-saharan Africa to northeast Asia, Russia, China, Malaysia and beyond in rain-forests, deserts, grasslands and on mountains - even cities. More Leopards
Bako NP
Sarawak - Malaysia
Proboscis Monkey Details Text
Male Lion
Ngorongoro - Tanzania
Out from the Mist Ngorongoro has the highest density of lions in the wild. More Lions
Cape Buffalo with Oxpeckers
Serengeti NP - Tanzania
Mosquito Shake
PN do Alvão
Centro Region - Portugal
Aiming Higher Details Text
Porto - Portugal
Yellow Eyes Details Text
Tanjung Puting NP
Borneo - Indonesia
Long-tailed Macaque
PN Peneda-Gerês - Portugal
Roaming Free Details Text