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Morning Hills
Arizona - USA
Soldier Pass Trail
Ngorongoro NP
Arusha - Tanzania
Caldera Colors The wide range of habitats in the caldera include savannah grassland, forest, swamp and a saline lake.
Appenzell IR, Switzerland
Morning Light
Appenzell IR, Switzerland
Forrest on the Rocks
Serengeti NP
Mara - Tanzania
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Zürich, Switzerland
Tüfel's Chilen
Ngorongoro NP
Arusha - Tanzania
Ngorongoro Crater 16-19 km across with a total area of 264 square km, the Ngorongoro crater is the largest caldera in the world that is not filled with water. The rim is heavily forested and rises 610 m above the caldera floor (2'286 m above sea level).
Tanjung Puting NP
Borneo - Indonesia
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