Germany Berlin Mitte Oranienburgerstrasse
Berlin - Germany
TV Tower The Television Tower at the Alexander Platz in the former GDR was built in 1969.

With a height of 368 m it is easily the most visible landmark. Its platform offers 360° views.

Berlin - Germany
Lost-Balloon Sad Details Text
Deutsches Historisches Museum
Berlin - Germany
Einheit Details Text
DHM By Ieoh Ming Pei
Berlin - Germany
Insights The exhibition hall of the German Historic Museum (DHM) was designed by the chinese-american architect Ieoh Ming Pei. It opened in 2003.

Its 4 levels are used for temporary exhibitions.
Heinrich Heine Monument
Platz der Märzrevolution
Heine? Details Text
By Globalodromia / Filoart
Tacheles Art House - Berlin
How long is now After occupation by artists in 1990, the Tacheles was saved from demolition last minute.

New developments now cover the manifest on the side of the building. It has since been "moved" to another house in the Friedenstrasse.

Berlin - Germany
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Tacheles Art House
Berlin - Germany
Dot Covered Details Text
by Banksy?
Hedwigskirchgasse - Berlin
Pax Christi Details Text
Berlin - Germany Hinter dem Giesshaus Details Text Tucholskystrasse
Berlin - Germany
Detailing Details Text
Berlin - Germany
A Berlin Wall Details Text
Holocaust Memorial
Berlin - Germany
Concrete Memory Remembering the murdered Jews in Europe.

2'711 concrete steale designed by Peter Eisenmann in a grid on sloping ground. Inaugurated in 2005.

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By Markus Lüdertz
Monbijou Bridge - Berlin
Hektor Details Text
Berlin - Germany
East-West Connection Details Text
MELH by Stephan Braunfels
Berlin -Germany
East West Reflection The Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus (MELH) isr reflected on the facade of the Paul-Löbe-Haus (PLH) across the river Spree.

Both were designed by Stephan Braunfels.

As part of the "Federal Ribbon" they connect East and West.
Berlin - Germany
Crossover Details Text
Berlin - Germany
Legislative Function Details Text
Brandenburg Gate
Berlin - Germany
Separation Reunited Details Text