Selection Art & Installations Paulo Neves (2013)
Aveiro - Portugal
São Conçalinho Details Text
By Fábio Carneiro (2014)
Aveiro - Portugal
Tubarão Atita Commissioned by the city in honor of Eduardo Raposo Rodrigues de Sousa ("Atita") who over 40 years selflessly taught and promoted swimming for Avirenses.

The mural is now placed under the Ponte de Pau.
East Side Gallery
Berlin - Germany
Mutant Whirl Details Text
1981 by Vicente Vázquez Canónigo
Bilbao - Spain
Comemoracion al DiA del Mar
By Liqen (2012)
São Miguel - Azores, POR
Faced Moloch Details Text
By Rafaël & Daniel
Furadouro - Portugal
Light Ballerina Details Text
Check Point Charlie
Berlin - Germany
Leaving the American Sector First set-up in 1961, checkpoint "C" soon became known as checkpoint "Charlie".

It was the only gateway where East Germany allowed foreigners to pass into the Soviet sector.
1976 by Chillida & Peña Ganchegui
San Sebastian - Spain
The Comb of the Wind Also known as "Haizearen Orrazia XV" in basque.

Eduardo Chillida created the sculptures and Luis Peña Ganchegui provided the architectural arrangement.
Tacheles Art House
Berlin - Germany
Dot Covered Details Text
1992 By Jeff Koons
Bilbao - Spain
Santa Teresa
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Robo Dad with Kids Details Text
1999 by Louise Bourgeois
Bilbao - Spain
Maman Details Text
Porto - Portugal
On the Ballustrade Details Text
by Chei Krew
Porto - Portugal
Happy Dog Details Text
by anonymous
Hedwigskirchgasse - Berlin
Pax Christi Details Text
Port de Plaisance
Neuchâtel - Switzerland
Bird Man Details Text
By Mic & Otak
East Side Gallery - Berlin
Destroy all Smartphones Details Text
by Costah
Porto - Portugal
Gap Details Text