Practical Way to Set Hyperfocal Distance

Here is an easy and practical way to find the settings for Hyperfocal Distance if your lens does not come with indicator markings and you don't want to do the calculations (e.g. using Apps or tables) or relying on rough rules of thumb (e.g. focusing about 1/3 of the distance in)

  1. Set the focus mode to manual and choose a medium aperture (e.g. f8 - f11)
  2. Use the live-view-mode and magnify the most distant object
  3. Set the lens to its minimum focus distance - the magnified object gets blurry
    (Note: if your camera does not step-down automatically, push the depth-of-field button)
  4. Slowly focus the lens until the distant object comes back in focus again - immediately stop
  5. If needed repeat with smaller aperture (higher aperture number) until distant object comes back in focus
    (Note: you might need to get out and in of live-view or push the depth-of-field button again to see the focussing effect)


First seen in a Video Tutorial shared by the Koldunov Brothers

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